About Us

Some may say that as we grow older we often follow in our parents footsteps. As for Felipe Armenta, he did exactly that. The pathway of culinary arts began at very young age for Felipe and as a child be ventured up through the ranks of his parents restaurant. It soon became evident that he shared the same culinary passion as his parents. After graduating from Central high school, in San Angelo Texas, Felipe went on to further his knowledge of the culinary arts in Los Angeles, California. The next ten years would be spent climbing the corporate ladder at the world renowned Hillstone Restaurant Group. After achieving the position of the Executive Chef, Felipe soon realized his true passion was to someday own his own restaurant. Inspired by his passion, he moved back to San Angelo and partnered with Chef Virginia Dalbeck of "Hells Kitchen". They opened the Grill and then the Cork & Pig Tavern. Felipe's latest addition, The Tavern, located in Fort Worth, Texas was opened in November of 2010. Whether in San Angelo or the Fort Worth area, be sure to stop by for a dining experience like no other!